Providing Hope, Homes, and Healing to Kids in Crisis

4KIDS is propelled by the vision of a home for every child. Whether that is a child removed from their home for the first time, siblings who need to stay together, a young woman in an unplanned pregnancy who needs a refuge, or a young adult who needs a place to belong, 4KIDS is there with hope, homes, and healing.

You have the opportunity to help even more children and teens by starting your own personal fundraiser. Whether you are creating a birthday fundraiser, raising money for an event, or wanting to give back, you can directly impact the lives of kids and families. Thank you for partnering with us!


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Why 4KIDS?

Every day 6 to 10 children are removed from their homes. When there are not enough foster homes, children are placed in shelters, group homes, or moved out of county. 4KIDS wants to be a part of the solution by providing safe and loving homes to kids in crisis. You can be a part of this movement and advocate for children and teens in your backyard.   

Learn more about 4KIDS and how you can make an impact by visiting 4KIDS.us

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